Sunset in the shower

Enter the shower Perfectly timed To witness The spray of red and pink Sliced across my jawline And scattered shots Of blue and black Peppered across the tops of my shoulders . . The light darkens and purple Flows over my breast Cupping my stomach And throwing itself off The ledge of my navel Black […]

The encounter

Sorry I turned up at your door this way All dressed up On my way from a coffee shop So sorry you know Didn’t come to see you  Again That’d be embarrassing Just came to see your friend Selling weed out his window Cept he’s closed it now so I’ve had to knock And […]

A familiar sense of falling

To walk into this kitchen is to see You standing, softened in the yellow light Of the hob and red from the wine and our earlier tries to get drunk while we cooked. It is to see you swaying tunelessly To our Spotify playlist whilst reaching Out and turning from the counter and sink to […]

The Giantess

My father once told me that As a child in the mountains Far from the city And where the plants feel alive, That he had once seen A pile of giant bones Where they had said that A giantess once lived. . Then I asked him why That she was just bones And he then […]

Ritual at 2am

It’s somewhere and someone is thinking of them Though they’re not sure if they should just laugh or just cry Cause the wall in front of her is flecked with pale grey And the bath where she’s sitting is colder than ice And there’s someone’s sat slumped by the side of the tub And his […]

I only feel alive when you watch me dance at midnight

Zombie is an overused metaphor I am only alive when others observe To spit white fire and jealousy Red hot slurring from mouth to my vein Magma thrown blazing across crowded rooms Or halls or house or countries I am potters clay waiting to be formed Your judgement my salvation.

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